About Us

Holograms to the Holistic

Vision Antics began its life a quarter of a century ago as a distributor of glass plate holograms, creator of prismatic-foil jewellery and agency for the growing new wave of art cards especially those supporting organisations promoting environmental and social awareness like Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Our fascination with three dimensional images evolved in the 1990's through the development of cards by innovative British Artists working in box- art , multi-media, collage and occaisionally traditional forms.

In 1996 we had the opportunity to become the U.K. Distributors of Brush Dance Inc. The combination of the unmistakable sumi-e calligraphy and vibrant watercolours of their artist Renee Locks had created cross cultural bridges in the inspirational art realm and become hugely popular from San Francisco to London. A year later we also became distributors of Amber Lotus after meeting Jerry Horovitz, their founder, in New York. Seeing our role too as that of bringing the most reflective, dynamic and beautiful work from the diversity of world cultures, nature, art, religion and literature to our customers our bond with Amber Lotus has grown stronger over the years.

When, two years ago, Brush Dance decided to only produce calendars in the future, we worked closely with Renee and Amber Lotus to renew with entirely original paintings the core of her best work and create quite new pieces. All is now brighter and lighter.

After many years of distributing some of the best of contemporary stationery, journals, calendars and other products from America for the mind body spirit, bookshop, museum, gallery and gift shop markets in the U.K. and Eire we are launching this online retail shop to coincide with new Vision Antics publications of Inspiral Zen Calligraphy cards by Natalia Stevenson-Oake and 'Gathering to the Goddess' visionary digital art cards by Rob Dreaming.

All of the products on this site are in stock unless otherwise stated. Just as our wholesale website has always offered the opportunity to buy a mix of products from Vision Antics or any of the companies we distribute you may do the same in your shopping basket. We will constantly be adding back catalogue items to this new site. Please keep looking for updates.