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Live With Intention 2019 Wall Calendar.

A year of living intentionally with Renee Locks - sure to nourish, heal and bless the mind, heart and spirit. 

Monthly Quotes;

January: When you love your life, life will love you back. – Arthur Rubenstein

February: Dwell in Possibility - Emily Dickinson

March: promise yourself not to try to solve all of life’s problems at once. - Suzanne

April: Go everywhere with a thousand voices singing. - Anonymous

May: Take a moment to remember how special you are and how lucky the world is to have you. - Anonymous

June: Make yourself a day to enjoy. - Anonymous

July: The important thing is to keep your intention clear. – Straight Arrow

August: Just trust yourself. Then you will know how to live. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

September: In the seeds of an apple there is an orchard. - Anonymous

October: Life is a great bundle of little things. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

November: Light tomorrow with today. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

December: Let’s wrap it in peace. - Renée Locks

CALREN19 Published by Brush Dance. Distributed by Vision Antics.

12" x 12" with durable cover and punch hole.

A Live With Intention a weekly planner diary is aslo available.


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