Rob Dreaming

About Rob Dreaming;

"My Soul Purpose in this life is to work with Communication

Since 2002 I have facilitated Council – the talking circle with workshops and drop-in sessions, both here in the UK and abroad. I am now a trainer of Way Of Council. Similar to Council, I also use elements of the FORUM that the ZEGG community have developed over two decades, as a tool for group and individual transparency in the area of personal expression, decision-making and conflict resolution.

I have practiced the disciplines of yoga and meditation for over twenty years, lectured on creating reality, practice and teach a 9-day self-development training since 1995 known as the Avatar Course. Communities around Europe I have work-exchanged and studied include Findhorn in Scotland, Osho Leela and the Threshold centre, Grimstone, Braziers, Earthworm, ZEGG in Germany, Damanhur in Italy and STK Center in Greece.

I am currently a carrier for the ECN (European Council Network) in the Spiral of 5, a group of people entrusted with the role of best serving the growing network of council facilitators and trainers in Europe."

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