Thank you for your interest in Vision Antics.


We receive a large amount of submissions and have a small staff so it can take three months or longer for us to give your submission its proper consideration. Please be patient for our response. We request that you do not call to check on the status of your submission.

General requirements:

Artwork submissions must be thematically based and relate to each other as a series or body of work. We look for image series that will also be thematically compatible with our product lines. Photography submissions can cover a broad spectrum of imagery but should be compatible with our product line.

Photography and artwork may be submitted either electronically or through the postal system. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Electronic submissions

• Electronic Submissions are preferred and are likely to receive a quicker response.

• Email a PDF with a sample of your work OR

• Email three images as jpgs (no larger than 100K each) OR

• Email a link to your website to

• Make sure your name and contact information are included in your email.

Postal submission

• Send a non returnable CD with low resolution jpgs that can be opened by a PC, OR

• Send non returnable colour proofs or prints no larger than 8.5" x 11" to:

Vision Antics

5 Ship Street Gardens

• Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for your submission response.

• Make sure your name and contact information are on all materials sent.

• Do not send originals, slides, transparencies or anything of value.

• Do not send oversized materials larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.

• Submissions will not be returned. Do not send anything that you wish to have returned.

We wish you the best of luck in all your artistic endeavours.